Set up your preferences.

  • General Settings: log your company logo and select which Leanmote services you want to enable for your company.
  • Manage your subscriptionsLearn more details about Leanmote’s Pricing plans, and their specific features.
  • Budget: set the gift budget of your company.
  • Gratitude: control Quokka Points gifts redemption options.
  • Integrations: Leanmote’s platform offers integration with a number of project management and communication platforms such as SlackMicrosoft Teams, and Jira, with an expansion into Trello well under way.

You can manage these integrations, so that employees can enjoy all the benefits of the platform, without the hassle.

  • Invoices: see the list of your invoices.
  • Payment methods: log your cards and preferences.
  • Notifications: choose what you want to receive.
  • Getting started: turn on or off the onboarding tutorial.
  • Privacy: choose which information can be seen by other members of the company.
  • Security: if needed, add more security by enabling two factor authentication.

Start gaining understanding about your workforce wellbeing.