Getting started - I’m a manager.

Leanmote is your ally to build a positive working environment. We collect information from every employee – including yourself- to gain understanding through real-time data.

Check this guide to leverage this platform to build a better workplace.

My Dashboard

Here is all the information you need. Check your teams and analyze real-time information about their wellbeing, connectivity, gratitude and recognition.

Use “My Dashboard” to:

My Analytics

My Wellbeing

Get insight about your own wellbeing at this tab!


Team Wellbeing

Start making data-based decisions with this important information.

Follow your team’s state and see how they are doing:

  • In general levels: stress, energy and focus
  • In personalized details: performance zones, wellness evolution, emotions and mood progress, workload, and boosts.


Great things happen when you organize your work. Use this calendar to see all your tasks and optimize time.

One on One

Check in frequently! Your team wants to know that you are there.

Explore “my performance”, “team performance”, “casual one on ones” , use them to be closer to the talent.

Also keep the “Fedback requests” on track so you don’t miss any!


Send and receive gratitude messages in this tab!

Using this space to say “thank you” is a powerful way to make your team feel proud of their work, collaboration and contributions. Also, you are integrating them into the company whilst working away from the office.


Everyone in the company is important! Show it with a friendly greeting on their special days and a gift.

Here, you can:

  • Send gifts to employees or colleagues
  • Manage orders from other members of the team that want to send gifts.

Let’s embrace kindness to create a positive working culture! 🙌🏼

Team Overview

Find a customized organizational chart under “Team Overview”. Also access to their contact information, hiring date and other details.

Now is your turn to create amazing things with all this data!