Driving Strategy with People Analytics

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Why DORA Metrics Aren’t Enough: A Better Approach to Engineering Team Productivity

DORA Metrics, or DevOps Research and Assessment metrics, are like measuring sticks used in software development to see how well teams are doing. They look at how fast software is being made and how often it breaks. These metrics are helpful but don’t always tell the whole story. Going Beyond… Read more >

Embrace LeanOps with Leanmote: Revolutionizing Workplace Focus and Operational Efficiency

During the remote-hybrid work transformation, the focus has shifted towards optimising operations and ensuring efficiency in how teams collaborate and perform, regardless of their physical location. This change is fundamentally about empowering teams with autonomy and simplifying decision-making processes. We created LeanOps, a philosophy encompassing operational efficiency and enhanced performance,… Read more >

Elevating Workforce Efficiency through Data: empowering engineering teams to reach their peak

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, mastering time management within the workforce is paramount. High-performers possess exceptional skills and dedication, but guiding them towards their peak performance requires a strategic approach. A proficient leader not only nurtures performance but also ensures the overall wellbeing of their team, recognizing the symbiotic… Read more >

People Data Culture: Unlocking the Power of Engineering Teams

Through people analytics, organisations can make well-informed decisions, boost productivity, and cultivate a more enriching work environment for their engineering talent. In today’s data-centric world, the importance of People Analytics has reached unprecedented heights. Cultivating a people data culture can help Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and engineering leaders gain critical… Read more >

Leanmote: The FIFA Game for Companies

Building strong and united teams in your company, like in sports, not families. Are you struggling to build a strong and united team in your company? Do you believe that sports teams provide a great model for teamwork in business? If so, people analytics might be the solution you’re looking… Read more >

Why measuring employee impact is key to company success

Using data to understand the effectiveness of your decisions on employee motivation, retention, and productivity. In today’s data-driven world, organizations are increasingly turning to real-time people analytics to make informed decisions about their most valuable asset – their employees.  People analytics involves analyzing data on employee motivation, wellbeing and productivity… Read more >

The power of People Analytics: driving value for every stakeholder 

Discover your ally for quarterly briefings and improve performance.  Leanmote People Analytics is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes transform their operations and improve performance. How can people analytics drive value for every stakeholder, from CEOs, CFOs, and CTOs to leaders and employees? Keep reading👇🏻. 🚀If… Read more >

Should we return or redesign the office?

Should we return or redesign the office? After the pandemic, there are still unsolved issues about in-person work. We should rethink the working experience as a whole and learn from what we have lived in the recent past. Return to the office When the pandemic was controlled, there was a… Read more >

Leanmote’s data ethics & privacy: how we protect you

Giving the power of their own data to every user  Working with data about people Data ethics is necessary and should be in everyone’s mind when managing private information. Numbers, rates, colors, and charts are shown on a dashboard and someone can easily forget that it’s insight about people.  That’s… Read more >

Using data to increase employees’ connectivity and enhance performance

Let’s talk about performance. Everyone wants to improve performance, make it more efficient and achieve business goals. But who are the ones that are always monitoring performance? Managers.  The goal? More productivity. The way? Empower your managers with real-time data to be good leaders and thrive with their teams. Working… Read more >