The Leanmote Slack app enables organizations to simplify mood assessment for all users on the Leanmote platform. Users receive a daily message on Slack where they can reflect on their mood with just one click.


The app can be easily installed from Slack App Directory. The administrator of a slack workspace should accept requested scopes and this app will be available for all users, who have an account with Leanmote. Leanmote asks for access to email just for synchronization purposes.


The Leanmote app becomes active right after the installation and no extra configuration is required.

How it works

Leanmote app will send a daily message to all participating users, which looks like this:

All user has to do is to choose a matching emotion and this data will be stored on Leanmote platform, where the user can drill into their well-being state.

Once the assessment is done we offer users to add relevant tags and notes to make the assessment more memorable:

Once tags/notes are submitted we post a path to the Leanmote platform: