Leanmote: The FIFA Game for Companies

Building strong and united teams in your company, like in sports, not families.

Are you struggling to build a strong and united team in your company? Do you believe that sports teams provide a great model for teamwork in business? If so, people analytics might be the solution you’re looking for.

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In a Harvard note Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha, and Chris Yeh sayed:  “Using the term family makes it easy for misunderstandings to arise.” With that term, the rules of the competitive industry are not taken into consideration. “In contrast to a family, a professional sports team has a specific mission (to win games and championships), and its members come together to accomplish that mission.”

In sports, the strongest teams are built on a clear strategy, excellent teamwork, and data analysis. Similarly, in business, it’s essential to have a strong team that believes in the company’s mission and is passionate about their work. At Leanmote, we understand the importance of building a strong team, and we have the tools to help you do it.

Don’t treat your company like a family, treat it like a sports team and use data to win the game.

Strong as a rock

Building a strong team is critical for success. The foundation of a successful team is identifying and nurturing high-potential individuals. These individuals are the “elite” athletes of the business world who have the potential to take your company to the top of your industry. Or the World Cup.

But identifying high-potential individuals is just the beginning. It’s essential to provide these individuals with the support and coaching they need to succeed. That’s why we provide data so companies can identify needs and make intelligent decisions.

What’s a team without a coach?

In sports, the coach plays a critical role in leading and motivating the team. In business, the manager is the coach, and their job is to help the team members achieve their full potential. At Leanmote, we provide managers with real-time data about their teams.

One of the tools we provide is the RADAR, which shows how employees interact with others and how they are performing in different areas of work. The manager can use this information to identify areas where an employee may need additional coaching or support.

We also believe that managers should focus on quality rather than quantity. Leanmote provides the quantity so each manager can spend more time considering the quality of the work. By using data to identify the workload of each team member, managers can ensure that their employees are focused on producing high-quality work, rather than just completing tasks as quickly as possible.

With Leanmote, you’ll be able to see the performance of each employee in different areas. So it’s easier to distribute and organize the workflow to thrive as a team and not only as individuals. With RADAR, you can coach high-performing teams. 

A good example of leveraging data is Lionel Scaloni, Argentina’s World Cup coach. 

Despite the poor performance of Argentina in the past, Messi was impressed by Scaloni’s vision for the team.

Scaloni’s team was analyzing football players in a very particular way. They use the program Wyscout to understand every player in the world. Firstly, they broke down all the data to give Scaloni processed information, ready to use. This way, they could quickly know the movements, profiles and tactics of the rivals.

Scaloni didn’t have the experience as a coach but he had the right staff by his side. As a whole team, they thrived like never before. 

Also, with metrics it is easier to have transparency through all the strategic decisions you make, within a sports team or a company. You can gain trust and belonging from all your people.

Peak performance

So, you have Messi. You know you have a top performer but as we said, that’s only the beginning. Just like an elite athlete, this employee needs to be nurtured and supported to reach their full potential. 

How will Messi play with his peers?

How can managers provide the best working environment 

so everyone explores and boosts their full potential?

At Leanmote, we help managers create a self-coaching culture that promotes continuous improvement and supports the wellbeing of their team members.

Also, if everyone has their own metrics, it’s easier for them to focus on their opportunity areas. The manager-coach has to follow this improvement process, but everyone should also know how to reach that top performance by seeing the progress with data.  

In a remote work environment, this is even more important. With real-time metrics, you will have the visibility and understanding about your people that you need to make meaningful decisions. Personalized management and care for their wellbeing are key in this new world, in which the workforce is distributed and far from you. 

In conclusion, making informed decisions is crucial for the coach to build sustainable progress, and work towards a goal. A coach provides guidance, support, and accountability that are essential for achieving continuous progress.

Remember, the goal is not in the game itself but in the championship.