Team Evaluation

The team evaluation card shows an average score for your team that merges the main scores we measure at Leanmote and compares them to the average score of the company.

The team radar scores and how they’re calculated are explained in deep in the team analytics section.

Team workload: Team workload refers to the amount and distribution of tasks, responsibilities, and projects assigned to a team. It indicates the overall volume of work that needs to be completed by the team members.

Connectivity: Connectivity in a team context refers to the level of communication, collaboration, and interaction among team members. It measures how well team members connect, share information, and work together to achieve common goals.

Wellbeing score: Wellbeing score assesses the overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being of individuals or a team. It takes into account factors such as stress levels, work-life balance, job satisfaction, and overall health.

Time management: Time management is the practice of planning and organizing one’s time effectively to accomplish tasks and goals. It involves prioritizing tasks, setting deadlines, and allocating time efficiently to maximize productivity.

Performance score: Performance score evaluates the effectiveness and success of an individual or team in achieving their goals and delivering results. It typically takes into account factors such as task completion, quality of work, meeting targets, and overall performance indicators.

Motivation score: Motivation score measures the level of enthusiasm, drive, and commitment individuals or teams have towards their work or objectives. It assesses the willingness to go the extra mile, maintain high levels of engagement, and strive for excellence.